How to search for locations in interactive maps?

In this article, you will learn how to search for location in interactive map exports.

You can search for location in interactive map exports. In our adornments menu, you can find this function in the adornments sub menu. To activate it simply click on the toggle next to the ‘search button’. Searching in interactive maps_active step 1


After it has been added to your map, you can drag and drop it in various corners of your map and it will automatically snap into position. Snap into position is turned on by default. In case you want to turn off the snap into position, click on the search icon and disable this feature. 


Here you can also increase or decrease the size of the search icon by typing in your value or sliding the bar to the left (decrease) or right (increase).

Searching in interactive maps_adjust step 2


Once your map is downloaded as an iframe, you can implement it on your website. To try it out before you add it anywhere, simply click the dynamic link that is shown above code for the iframe. 

Searching in interactive maps_download and preview step 3



You can also add this feature to existing interactive maps by opening your old project following the steps above. Afterwards re-download your project as an interactive map and the iframe on your website will automatically be updated to include this feature.

Try it for yourself in this example below: