How can I create animated routes on maps?

In this article, you will learn how to animate a line or a route from start to destination on your maps.

This documentation is always evolving.

To animate your line, use the "video" features of Mapcreator.  Click on the "camera" icon at the bottom left of your screen. Once you have clicked on it, a new interface will open. This interface allows you to create animated maps. It is strongly recommended that you read the article on how to create an animated map? before reading this one.


Then, choose your first 2 areas. These areas will be the starting point (A) and the ending point (B) of your line, then create your line/route like here.

Once you have your points A and B, you can add them as keyframes.

Pro-tip: Don’t hesitate to make the transition time 20 seconds, so the line will be fully there


You have the start and end of your animation, it is now time to focus on development. Add as many keyframes as you wish between your point A and point B, this way, you can precisely see where your line goes. 


Now that you have all your keyframes, you need to control how your line grows. Start by deleting your last keyframe (with the 20 sec transition). Once you set the line to ‘’growing’’, you can see in the timeline that there is a fading part to how the growing goes, drag your line’s gradient part to elongate all the way through your keyframes.


Once you’re satisfied with the way your line grows and your camera positioning, you can export your maps in videos formats.