How do I add an icon to my map?

In this article, you will learn how to add icons on your map.

This documentation is always evolving.

The ability to add icons is essential for certain map projects. The tool offers a range of default icon sets. Please make sure that you consult our support team if you would like to add your own icon set. To add an icon from an existing set in the tool, access the “add” menu and chose the relevant icon set from the “SVG set” list.

Lists of icons can be long, that is why there is a search bar to find the specific icon that you would like to use. Make sure that you use generic keywords, for example, “plane” or “sport” etc. Once you have found your icon, you can now add it on to the map. There are multiple ways for adding icons. You can either drag and drop the icon on the map or click on it and enter the specific address/coordinate where the icons are going to be placed.

Ok, your icon is in the right place, let’s change the styling according to the needs of your mapping project. When you click on the icon, you should see three different tabs, where the first one represents the styling menu. Here you can change the icon itself, the color, size and the rotation. In case you are using a textbox, you can adapt the text that will be displayed in your textbox.



Tip: To rotate your icon, you can also press the Alt key of your keyboard and drag the mouse. Click here if you would like to learn about making your icons interactive.