Useful resources for your map project

You bring the map project, we have the resources. Rely on our list of trustable pages that help you convert files, geocode addresses etc.

This documentation is always evolving.

Convert Shape files to import them as .geoJson files:
Make sure to include “EPSG:4326” as the target source. 4326 is the EPSG identifier of WGS84.
WGS84 comprises a standard coordinate frame for the Earth, a datum/reference ellipsoid for raw altitude data, and a gravitational equipotential surface (the geoid) that defines the nominal sea level. Mapcreator natively supports WGS84.

Convert .kml files with location markers (and additional information for interactivities) to .xslx files:

Create a .geoJson file:

Online linter:

Everything there is to know about coordinate systems:

If you work with Mapcreator's SVG files in Adobe Illustrator, you might face hiccups when reading Text-on-path elements such as road or water names, as AI flattens these paths which makes editing of the labels cumbersome. We an provide you with a script which converts the labels into editable elements again: