How do I draw a route?

In this article, you will learn how to draw driving and walking routes.

This documentation is always evolving.

The tool offers a range of routing options. You can choose between driving and walking routes, import a file with route information or draw a line manually. To add a route, access the “Add” menu and select the tab with the line symbol. You will be given different options, just make sure that “Route” is selected as the line type.

Below the line type drop-down menu, you will also find the “Transport Type” selection. The buttons will allow you to specify the means of transportation for your route. Now we can start creating our route.
There are two different methods for creating the routes, which are outlined below: 


Method 1:
 Route calculated automatically from the addresses/coordinates you enter. On the bottom of the route menu, you will find the field called “create from locations”. You can enter the starting point address/coordinate (delimited with a semicolon) in the search field right below. Once the starting point is confirmed, a second search box will appear below, that is where you can add the following point where your route will intercept. You can add as many interception points as you wish.

Tip: If you toggle the “Add labels to locations” the tool will automatically place labels with the location names next to each interception point. These labels can also be edited afterward, simply click on the label you wish to edit.   


Method 2: Route calculated from the manually selected points on the map. You can let the tool generate a route between locations you manually select on the map as shown below:

To finish creating your route press “Enter” on your keyboard or click on “Finish”. If you move your mouse over the previously created route, a dotted support line appears. By clicking and dragging the anchor points, you will be able to manipulate where your route intercepts.

Your route can be fully styled: you can edit the color, thickness and change it to the dashed or dotted line.

Your route is now ready. Click on the following links for learning how to add icons and include interactive pop-ups to the route.